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Twin Finn Rum Selection

Twin Finn Rum Selection. A great way to try the brilliant selection of Rums from Twin Finn. Selection pack includes .Gift Box of 3 Twin Fin Miniatures – Spiced Golden Rum 38% 5cl, Pink Grapefruit and Pineapple Rum 38% 5cl, Coconut and Lychee Rum 38%, 5cl

Golden Spiced Rum 38%

Twin Fin is both rich and smooth with bold vanilla notes combined with exotic citrus and a light smoky finish. Perfect in a spiced mojito for a refreshing summer cocktail or with fiery ginger beer with lots of ice and a squeeze of lime.

Appearance: Golden
Taste: Smooth and rich, caramelised banana with vanilla, cinnamon and notes of nutmeg
Nose: A light touch of charred fruit, orange, banana and light spices
Finish: Smoky-sweet with an enduring hint of fruit

Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit 38%

Twin Fin Pineapple and Pink Grapefruit Rum is bold and bright with tropical fruit and zesty pink grapefruit notes which ignite the senses before a light and refreshing finish. Perfect in a Pineapple Caipirinha for a vibrant cocktail or with fresh lemonade and lots of ice.

 Tropical pineapple, zesty pink grapefruit and wildflowers
Light and smooth, charred pineapple with tangy tangerine
 Crisp, exotic citrus and tropical fruit

Coconut & Lychee 38%

Twin Fin Coconut and Lychee Rum is bold and bright with beautiful notes of fresh lychee and vibrant coconut. It has a lovely aromatic crisp finish of wild strawberry and melon. Perfect in a Pina Colada for a lively cocktail or with fresh lemonade and lots of ice.

APPEARANCE: Bright and clear like tropical seas
NOSE: Fresh lychee and vibrant coconut
TASTE: Coconut sorbet, wild strawberry, and melon
FINISH: Crisp and tart lychee

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