Traditional Vanilla Fudge



Traditional Vanilla Fudge

Individually wrapped pieces of creamy vanilla fudge from the New Forest. This is our top selling fudge in store.

This is also the fudge we use to give our mail orders customer when we package up your parcels. Surprise!!


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Want to know more about the New Forest –

There can be few other places in England where the ancient landscape has remained so unchanged. 1079 when William The Conqueror named the area his ‘new hunting forest’, little could he imagine that nearly 1,000 years later his ‘Nova Foresta’ would still retain its mystery and romance.

The ancient system established by William The Conqueror to protect and manage the woodlands and wilderness heaths is still in place today through the efforts of Verderers, Agisters and Commoners – literally the judges, stockmen and land users of the forest.

His son, King William II is said to have been fatally wounded and died due to an arrow being shot at him in 1100AD by Sir Walter Tyrrell. You can visit the Rufus Stone, which is (supposedly) located in the exact place where this happened and apparently where his ghost still haunts!

The New Forest is a great place to visit for walking, dog walking, cycling and horse riding for everyone. When you’re out in the forest and are enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the rich wildlife, please help us to care for this very special place.

Ingredients –

Sugar, glucose, sweetened condensed skimmed milk, sugar lactose, palm oil, fondant, whey powder, cornflourm dextrose butter, salt, natural flavourings, emulsifier, soya and lecithin. Packed in a factory that contains nuts.150g

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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