Tea Tongs



Tea Tongs

Tea Tong tea egg infuser suitable for teapots and teacups. The two halves of the egg open up using a handle mechanism.
Simply squeeze the handle on the tea tongs to open up the tea ball and insert tea leaves.

Did you know that all our blends of tea in store are blended by our master blender – aka Mum (Trichia Page)

Take a look at our loose leaf tea selection in store and online –https://pagesinlyndhurst.com/product-category/tea/

For many years since the 18th century, the United Kingdom has been one of the world’s largest tea consumers. An impressive average annual per capita supply of 1.9 kilograms (4.2 lb).[1] Originally an upper-class drink in Europe, tea gradually spread through all classes.  It eventually becoming a common drink for us all. It is still considered an important part of the British identity[2] and is a prominent feature of British culture and society.[3]

In both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, tea-drinking blends and preferences vary.[4] Although typically served with milk, it is also common to drink certain varieties black or with lemon. Sugar is a popular addition to any variety. Everyday tea, such as English breakfast tea, served in a mug with milk and sugar is a popular combination.

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