Rose Petal Green Tea



Rose petal green tea.

A green tea base blended beautifully with Rose petals giving a fresh delicate taste.  An aromatic rose scent reminiscent of Turkish delight.
This is a lovely delicate green tea that must be tried!

DO NOT USE BOILING WATER on any GREEN tea as it will make it taste bitter.

We have a great selection of tea from around the world. Take your pick from flavoursome black teas, green tea, or something a little fruiter from a Tisane. All blends in store are blended in house by Tricha (aka, Mum).  Don’t forget your strainer, we sell those too. Loose leaf tea, Dorset tea and local brews from the area along with traditional teapots, collectable teapots, and a tea for one.

We even have tea sample packs in store. Available for £1 so you can try a selection to make sure you like it.

What is rose green tea good for?
Sleep recharges your body, but if you really want to strengthen your defenses against sickness, drink green tea with rose! Drinking rose green tea gives you a lot of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is your shield against toxins and dangerous free radicals. It also helps you maintain beautiful hair and lovely skin.,weight%20management%20and%20cardiovascular%20diseases.

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Weight 75 g


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