Rooibos Tea



Rooibos Tea – South African ‘red bush’ tea, grows naturally caffeine free.

Rooibos is an herb native to South Africa that isn’t even a true “tea” at all. Rather, it’s a plant that when harvested and dried can be brewed into a reddish-brown herbal infusion dubbed “African red tea” or “red bush tea” by the tea industry.

What does rooibos tea taste like?

Despite the intense red color of rooibos tea liquid, its flavors are gentle and smooth. It’s mildly sweet, with some taste similarities to hibiscus tea. People describe rooibos as nutty yet slightly floral, and longer steeps can bring out full-bodied, rich, woody notes.

We even have tea sample packs in store. Available for £1 so you can try a selection to make sure you like it.

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