Romeo & Juliet No1



Romeo & Juliet No1

Size : Cremas (5 1/2″ x 40)

Origin : Cuba

Strength : Medium

Wrapper : Corojo

The Romeo y Julieta No.1 tubos cigar is the largest of the three tubos cigars and is very similar in taste to the No.2 and the No.3. The tobacco is of medium taste and has notes of nuttiness, smoked wood and leather with a lovely floral aroma. These cigars are famous for how well they age, 3 years minimum is recommended so you may want to buy a box and leave them in your humidor for a few years!

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Did you know – The earliest known cigar can be found on a ceramic pot discovered in Guatemala. It depicts an ancient Mayan puffing on tobacco leaves bound by string. This is an artefact that dates to the 10th century. It’s likely that the name cigar also comes from the Mayans, as their term for smoking was sikar. This seems to be a direct etymological ancestor of the Spanish cigarro.

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Weight 100 g