Roasted Apple Moonshine



Roasted Apple Moonshine

Roasted Apple is a smooth and tempting moonshine liqueur. A electable combination of apples, almond, cinnamon and vanilla blended with our high-proof spirit. These sumptuous flavours are then tied together with a squeeze of lemon added just moments before bottling. 20%. 700ml. Gift box includes pouring lid

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The origin of our Moonshine lies in the beginning of 20th century America — the time of Prohibition. Throughout the 1920s, the sale and production of any alcoholic beverages was completely prohibited. This led to devastating consequences. During this period, unemployment was followed by a sharp rise in crime and corruption. The citizens rebelled by continuing to illegally distil the liqueur on farms, sell it to smugglers known as “bootleggers” and serve it in “speakeasy” bars. On top of all this, drinking continued and the smuggler gangs took control of the alcohol business. Consequently, the state lost considerable tax revenue and eventually the law was repealed by then-President Roosevelt.

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Spike O’Donnell

Edward “Spike” O’Donnell (1890-1962) — our namesake – was leader of the South Side Gang in Chicago. During the Chicago Beer Wars where he fought bloody battles with its opponents. Although Spike was a ruthless gangster, quality was always important to him, which is why he stuck to producers of German origin. O’Donnell had little remorse when it came to fighting other mobsters for supremacy in the alcohol black market. Always paying attention to quality by remaining loyal to producers of German origin. He went on to be a defining character of the Roaring Twenties. In 1925 he retired from the business after an accident and after the notorious Al Capone had taken over the leading role within the illegal alcohol business. But in our Moonshine Spike’s history and the era of prohibition lives on.

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