Raspberry Liqueur (Framboise)



Raspberry Liqueur (Framboise)

The essence of raspberries grown in the fields of Herefordshire which perfectly captured in this liqueur. The sweetness is balanced vibrantly with a punch of tartness. Making it a delicious aperitif and an elegant addition to champagne, cocktails and desserts. 500ml 15%

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Raspberry Liqueur (Framboise)

An easy cockatil for you


  • 35ml British Framboise
  • 35ml Orange liqueur
  • Fresh orange juice

Equal parts British Framboise and Orange Liqueur, a small splash of fresh orange juice. Add a twist of orange peel and a sprig of mint.

Fancy making cocktails with your new Raspberry Liqueur – https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/10-best-raspberry-cocktail-recipes

About the producer

White Heron Drinks was founded by Jo Hilditch in 2005. The family farm has over 100 years experience in fruit growing and are a key supplier to one of the nations most famous soft drink producers.

The current guardian of the farm is Jo Hilditch, a bold supporter of the British Blackcurrant industry and of Herefordshire’s rich food producing community. Under her stewardship, British Cassis has become an international hit in the luxury beverage market, gaining recognition and awards for its unique and exciting taste.

The farm offers exclusive accomodation for those adventuring to this most beautiful English heartland. Guests stay in the historic buildings which were once home to the estate’s gardeners and blacksmiths, as well as the former stables where Jo’s great grandmother stabled her favourite horses.


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Weight 1500 g