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Maple Walnut Coffee is a medium roast, flavour strength 1. 100% Arabica beans using natural identical flavours. The Maple tree is a symbol of Canada and the source of this wonderful syrup. Once extracted, the sap is concentrated, resulting in a syrup that gives a sweet and caramel flavour. Pouring the syrup over Walnuts develops their mildly earthy and slight tanginess to create a perfectly balanced flavour that this coffee takes its inspiration from. One of my personal favourites and a staple at home.

Maple Walnut Coffee is available in 250g, 500g and 1kg beans or ground on request

Fancy a real Maple syrup –

What about something lighter and not so sweet –

We may think of maple syrup as that brown liquid you pour over pancakes at brunch, but there is so much more behind this heavenly nectar. Whether you’re obsessed with finding the purest Canadian maple syrup, or curious about the health benefits of it, we can bet you don’t know these fascinating facts about one of our favourite condiments.

There are approximately 132 species of maple trees, many of which are native to Asia but can be found in Europe, northern Africa, and North America.

Only three species of maple trees are predominantly used to produce syrup. The black maple, red maple, and the aptly named sugar maple. These are popular choices for syrup producers due to the high sugar content of the sap.


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Beans, Cafetiere, Filter, Espresso

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250g, 500g, 1Kg


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