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Lyndhurst Blend Tea is a top 5 selling tea in store and very popular with our local customers and tourists.

Lyndhurst Blend Tea is a  flavoursome blend of Assam & Darjeeling. A great golden cup with a great taste for an all day tea. Only available at Pages.

We have a great selection of tea from around the world. Take your pick from flavoursome black teas, green tea, or something a little fruiter from a Tisane. Don’t forget your strainer, we sell those too. Loose leaf tea, Dorset tea and local brews from the area along with traditional teapots, collectable teapots, and a tea for one.

Have you tried our New Forest Blend –

Assam tea is a full bodied and strong with a malty flavor. Full bodied means that tea is rich and complex and is most often related to black tea. Assam tea is a common ingredient in tea blends, used to give a stronger base and depth.

The tea Darjeeling is called the “Champagne of teas,” with musky-sweet tasting notes similar to muscat wine.

There are many benefits of drinking tea –

Did you know that William the Conqueror established The New Forest as a royal hunting ground in 1079.

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Weight 75 g


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