Liquorice Jelly Buttons



Liquorice Jelly Buttons

The classic Jelly Buttons or Spogs, actually not liquorice flavoured but Aniseed. Beautiful soft chewy jelly buttons are coated in pink or blue hundreds and thousands.

Have you tried our non black liquorice –

Why not try and make liquorice at home –


Sugar, Glucose syrup, Water, Cornflour, Beef gelatine, Aniseed Oil, Fruit & Vegetable CONCENTRATES (Blackcurrant, Carrot, Radish), Spirulina CONCENTRATE. Contains wheat and gluten, packed on a production line that handles nuts/seeds, may also contain milk, soya and other dairy products

Most of us have chewed on a piece of confectionary black liquorice at some time in our lives, though you probably never regarded liquorice as a medicinal herb. History tell us that liquorice has been as much as a medicine as for its flavour.

The liquorice plant (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a blue-flowering pea with violet blossoms and spiky leaves. It grows all over southern Europe and Asia including in Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, China and Russia. The black liquorice with which we’re familiar comes from the plant’s root.

The modern liquorice we know as a sweet was created in 1760 by Yorkshire apothecary George Dunhill. He started using sugar and flour to stretch the pricey medicinal liquorice essence he sold, and confectionary liquorice was born. Dunhill’s customers clamoured for more, and it wasn’t long before several factories in England were manufacturing it. So treasured and in demand was the new product that the English tried to keep the recipe a national secret.


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