Jasmine Tea with Flowers



,Jasmine Tea with Flowers is a scented green tea with petals.

Did you know – Jasmine Green Tea was first made over 1000 years ago. The use of jasmine with green tea goes back to the Song Dynasty period in China, around 960-1270 AED. Most jasmine green teas come from China.

Jasmine Flower Tea is a beautiful, mesmerising and a delicious Herbal Tea. It consists solely of dried Flowers without the blending of either Green. Expect delicate floral notes and a refreshing aftertaste.

How to make  jasmine tea.

We have a great selection of tea in store from around the world. Take your pick from flavoursome black teas, green tea, or something a little fruiter from a Tisane. Our blends in store are blended in house by Tricha (aka, Mum).  Don’t forget your strainer, we sell those too. Loose leaf tea, Dorset tea and local brews from the area along with traditional teapots, collectable teapots, and a tea for one.

Sample bags available in store from £1 each to give you a taster rather than buying a whole bag.

Why not try our Japanese Cherry green tea – https://pagesinlyndhurst.com/product/japanese-cherry-tea/


Jasmine Tea with Flowers.

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