J Cortes Cigar



J Cortes Cigar

Length: 5 3/8”

Ring Gauge: 38

Strength: Light 

Packaging: 1 Single Tubed Cigar 

Mild and light cigar, with smooth, mellow woody flavours. Machine made with Sumatran tobacco blend.

J Cortes Cigars are a fine Belgian cigar producer since 1926. Today, the cigars are sold in more than 80 countries and are one of the largest family-owned cigar companies in the world. They source only the best tobacco and are known for their experienced selectors who have been raised in a tobacco environment for several generations and possess highly trained taste and smell senses.

We stock a range of Cigars in store from hand rolled to machine made. Prices start at £10 up to £30. Cigars cutter available with your Cigar purchase.

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Did you know – The earliest known cigar can be found on a ceramic pot discovered in Guatemala. It depicts an ancient Mayan puffing on tobacco leaves bound by string. This is an artefact that dates to the 10th century. It’s likely that the name cigar also comes from the Mayans, as their term for smoking was sikar. This seems to be a direct etymological ancestor of the Spanish cigarro.

More information on cigars here – https://www.britannica.com/topic/cigar

J Cortes Cigar

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Weight 100 g