Gunpowder Green Tea



Expect big flavours from thigreen tea, given its name due to its similarity in appearance to gunpowder. The leaves are rolled before drying out, creating a more intense flavour and aroma.

What does Gunpowder green tea taste like? Gunpowder has a smooth, hearty flavor and nutty, vegetal, and slightly smoky notes. It’s somewhat stronger than other Chinese green teas, with a bolder flavor.

What is Gunpowder Tea?

There are no mistaking Gunpowder Tea leaves when it comes to their unique and somewhat strange appearance. Workers create them by rolling these leaves, alongside young buds, into small, round pellets resembling lead shots used in early muskets. It could be the reason why Gunpowder Tea is so named. However, no one appears to know for sure why, exactly, it is called as such.

The Chinese call Gunpowder Tea “zhū chá”, meaning “Pearl Tea” or “Bead Tea”. Its English name, meanwhile, allegedly derives from an English port clerk who once described how the Tea’s pre-brewed appearance looked like gunpowder. Another suggestion is that it stems from the Mandarin Chinese phrase “freshly brewed”, which, when spoken in its correct dialect, sounds like the English word “gunpowder”.

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