Dorset Tea Decaffeinated 80’s



Dorset Tea Decaffeinated 80’s

Dorset Tea decaf, with nothing but the caffeine removed. Each pack contains 80 biodegradable tea bags.

Ingredients: 100% Black tea

How to Make:

Just follow these simple steps for the perfect Dorset brew.

  1. Place one decaf tea bag per person in your favourite cup, mug or teapot.
  2. Infuse with freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Add milk and sugar to taste.

Loose leaf natural caffeine free tea –

Dorset Teas story begins nearly 100 years ago. In 1934 our founder, Keith Spicer, started blending teas in his Bournemouth kitchen. Equipped with an old butcher’s bike he set out to deliver his creations to businesses around Dorset.  We put the warmth of the sun’s rays into every cup of tea. That’s why we call it “A cup of sunshine.”

A Cup of Sunshine

A premium black tea. Dorset Tea Sunshine Blend is carefully crafted with love and careinto every cup. it’s inspired by long sunny days in the Dorset countryside. This golden cuppa is the perfect tea to drink all day, every day. Our fruit, herbal, and green teas pay homage to the wealth of fruits & flavours found along the Dorset coast.

What started as a nod to our beloved county has grown into a nationally-loved tea that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Take a sip and think of sunny days down in Dorset.

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