Cinnamon Tea with Pieces



Cinnamon Tea with Pieces is a black China tea with real cinnamon pieces

Strong Chinese black tea leaf, enriched with cinnamon pieces from Ceylon.
Superbly rounded flavour and well-balanced sweetness, reminiscent of warm cinnamon buns.

We have a great selection of tea from around the world. Take your pick from flavoursome black teas, green tea, or something a little fruiter from a Tisane. All blends in store are blended in house by Tricha (aka, Mum).  Don’t forget your strainer, we sell those too. Loose leaf tea, Dorset tea and local brews from the area along with traditional teapots, collectable teapots, and a tea for one.

We even have tea sample packs in store. Available for £1 so you can try a selection to make sure you like it.

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Some research suggests that it may help support blood sugar control, protect against heart disease, and reduce inflammation.

Cinnamon health benefits may include…

1. It contains plant compounds with protective antioxidant properties.

2. It has anti-inflammatory effects.

3. It appears to be useful in defending against infection.

4. Research suggests cinnamon may be protective against colds and flu.

5. It may help regulate blood sugar.

6. It appears that cinnamon could help reduce the risk of insulin resistance.

7. Cinnamon contains compounds that appear to slow conditions like Alzheimer’s.

8. Consistent consumption of cinnamon may reduce blood pressure.

9. It helps lower cholesterol levels.

10. It may help restore the balance of bacteria in the gut, supporting good digestive health.

11. Cinnamon may provide some protection against cancer, although more studies are needed.

12. Traditionally, cinnamon has been used to promote dental hygiene.

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Weight 75 g


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