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Chardonnay vodka uses just 3 ingredients. Distilled water, alcohol and pomace.

Chardonnay Vodka is a unique vodka produced in Downton Wiltshire, just 14 miles away from us in Lyndhurst, New Forest.

Chardonnay grapes are grown on the sun-soaked chalk downs of South Wiltshire. After pressing, we repurpose the grape skins to create this distinctive vodka.

We allow the juicy skins, or ‘pomace’, to gently macerate and once distilled we do not filter it, but allow the spirit to rest. This creates a clean and elegant vodka with great complexity. The left over pomace is then composted and recycled back into the vineyard.

We think this exceptional vodka is best enjoyed neat with ice or served as a martini.

We also stock their award winning gin –


Downton Distillery was founded in one of the former homes of Sir Walter Raleigh. The carriage shed was where many a cold day was spent working the original still!

In 2021 the Distillery moved up the road, onto Wick Down an area of outstanding beauty, sat on the Wiltshire / Hampshire borders. Our new home is an old carpentry shed, that has character but more importantly has allowed us to grow. It is home to the Domaine Hugo Vineyard and Offbeat Wines two organic wine producers.

Explorer’s Gin took over a year to create. The spirit is macerated, and  vapour-infused using the one-shot method. We uphold the traditions of past distillers but believe in being bold with flavours, creating something unique and characterful. There are no shortcuts, and everything is done by our own hands. It is a labour-intensive process but leads to a distinguished gin of quality. Each batch contains 100 bottles individually hand signed bottles.



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