Blueberry Mead



Blueberry mead is the latest to our ever growing range of Mead.

A full flavoured honey wine with sweet and tart notes of blueberry.

Mead is a beverage rich in history and lore dating back over 8,000 years. Mead is surrounded by stories and rumors evoking images of Vikings drinking around a table. A prize found in an Egyptian tombs, a facilitator for the Roman mass orgies, and ingredient in mysterious potions throughout Asia. Each sip is filled with thousands of years of history and remains a familiar component within mankind’s tales.  Some claim that it’s magical to consume the intoxicating flavors of the fermented honey, and that imbibing mead brings one to a level of intoxication unlike any other alcoholic beverage.  So sit back, relax and let Monks Mead be a part of your story.

The Story of the Honeymoon…

Mead is thought to be an aphrodisiac, a medicinal potion, and a fertility aid. Because it is made entirely by honey and water, mead legend takes on a mystique from its naturally sensual ingredients. Mead is also credited to being the inspiration for the term “honeymoon”.  In early times, newlyweds were given a supply of mead to last the full cycle of the moon. They were instructed to partake in the experience daily to enhance their libidos and improve their chances of creating a family. Thus, the beverage has been associated with weddings since the institution of marriage was created.

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Weight 900 g