Beeble Honey Vodka


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Beeble Honey Vodka

Introducing Beeble Honey Vodka. A premium vodka that boasts a unique blend of Wiltshire honey, giving it a distinctive flavour that sets it apart from other vodkas. Crafted with only the finest ingredients, Vodka, Honey and water. This vodka is perfect for those looking for a luxurious drinking experience. Whether you’re a fan of vodka or just looking to try something new. Beeble Honey Vodka is sure to impress. With its smooth taste and irresistible aroma, this vodka is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing into your favourite cocktail. Order now and experience the delicious taste of Beeble Honey Vodka!

Quality British Vodka blended with Wiltshire honey in a beautifully designed bottle. Honey Vodka was the second addition to the Beeble Spirit collection. Like the Honey Whisky it was invented using honey from our very own bee hives in the heart of Wiltshire. We then refined the recipe with the help of Strathearn Distillery to create an award-winning vodka liqueur.
The drink has subtle floral notes and a smooth finish with the perfect touch of natural sweetness.

The result is a taste sensation.30% 500ml

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